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Vapour enjoyment with the vaporizer

Under the term vaporizer, surely more people can imagine something than under the term:"vaporizer". A vaporizer is a device for the evaporation of active ingredients. The difference to a medical inhaler is that with a vaporizer, the herbs or their products evaporate directly. The substance is heated to such an extent that the desired ingredients evaporate. This avoids oxidation (combustion) and no undesirable by-products are produced.

What types of vaporizers are there?

There are many different types of vaporizers, but they all have one thing in common, they heat the herbs so that no smoke is produced. The vapour produced by the vaporizer contains all the active ingredients of the herb, without the harmful substances that pose a health risk to smokers. In addition, the vapour is very pleasant in taste and does not irritate the lungs or the neck due to unpleasant side effects.

What is the advantage of a vaporizer?

The smoke of a cigarette or smoked herbs contains e. g. tar, benzene, tuluene and naphthalene. All toxic particles that can cause health damage. Plants and herbs, on the other hand, contain many volatile oils, most of which people perceive as pleasant. A vaporizer is used to release and then inhale the often healing ingredients of herbs and medicinal plants. This enables the user to achieve a beneficial, calming and healthy effect. For this purpose, hot air flows through the vaporizer to the plant material (convection) or the chamber around the herbs is heated (conduction). The active ingredients melt and form a fragrant vapour without any harmful side effects. Some vaporizers are net-dependent and achieve the best evaporation results. There are also modern portable vaporizers that offer a pure and aromatic steaming experience. If you don't want to miss out on vaporizing on the go, you'll find a vaporizer with rechargeable batteries.

Is the vaporizer only suitable for pleasure?

The devices are also used in medicine. There they are used for the inhalative application of active substances. The vaporizer for the application of medical cannabis is particularly widespread.

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