Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2

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Arizer Solo 2
- digital temperature control
- extreme long battery power up to 3 hours
- 40 seconds heat up time
- improved draw
The Solo 2 is the successor of the legendary Arizer solo which was the reference in mobile vaporizing for years.
The digital temperature control which lets you choose the temperature degree for degree and not in steps like the Arizer Solo and the Arizer Air.
The display shows the temperature and the Battery power so you stay informed and lets you enjoy a maximum of mobility.
Improved draw brings you an even bigger vaporizing experience.
Luckily you can use all your favourite Arizer Solo and Arizer Air mouthpieces with the Solo 2 too.
Also, it has the same practically rubber cap to cover the chamber when it's not in use.

The Solo 2 comes with.: 2 glass mouthpieces (90 & 110mm), 2 silicone caps, potpourri bowl, transport bag, charger, replacement screens, stirring tool

Temperature:50°C - 220°C
Vaporizing:Convection / conduction
Chamber material:Glass, stainless steel
Mouthpiece material:Glass
Bubbler mouthpiece:Optionally available
Water filter adaptor:Optionally available
Temperature Settings:Infinitely adjustable
Inhalation balloon / direct:Direct
Heat up time:~30 seconds
Auto off:10 minutes
Power supply:2x 3400mAh lithium battery
Replaceable Battery:No, can be replaced by technician
Useable while charging:Yes
Charging:Solo 2 charger
Housing material:Aluminium
Size:11,5 x 4,5 x 3,5cm
Weight:210 g
Made in:Canada

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5 from 5 Very good

Very good vape

4 from 5 A High-Quality Vaporizer at the Lowest Price You Will Find Anywhere!

After only five months of use, my beloved Boundless Tera started malfunctioning and became dangerous and unusable. It was under warranty, and Boundless agreed to replace it. However, when it became clear that the replacement would take months to arrive, I started looking to add another device to my collection. After conducting extensive research, I settled on the Arizer Solo 2. What attracted me was the claims that it produces some of the best-tasting vapour of any device on the market (besides the Mighty), due to its glass tube mouthpieces, and all metal construction. Being a flavour chaser I was sold. I spent a couple of weeks searching for the best possible price, and luckily I came upon Vapo-City, whose price was significantly lower than any of the other online stores in the UK and Europe. I was initially suspicious, thinking it was too good to be true, and also because I couldnt find any reviews of the store online in English. Nevertheless, I decided to take a chance and went for it, and Im glad I did. Vapo-City is a genuine vaporizer store based in Germany, whose many reviews are in German, so my English language searches were not finding them. The guys at Vapo-city were very professional and patiently answered all of my queries. DHL shipping was free within the EU with a purchase of 150 Euros. While I found the shipping with DHL to be quite slow, taking almost three weeks, the package arrived undamaged, due to the professional packing job done by the Vapo-City team - Thanks Vapo-City Team for your professional service - especially Daniel, who tirelessly responded to all of my questions. However, if you need the device urgently, I recommend choosing one of the other shipping options, though these are not free. I really enjoyed unboxing the Solo 2 - the packaging is really high quality, and you get a plethora or accessories with it. The device is actually very simple to use, and after 3 minutes of reading the instructions I had it up and running. Ive only used it a few times at this point, so I cant comment on its durability, but I can comment on the quality of the devices construction, and on the quality of the vaping experience. - Overall impression: the construction is very solid, being all metal and glass; it looks very sleek and sexy, and feels great in the hand. Its not an outdoor portable as such, due to the length of the stem, but if this is removed and carried separately in the plastic tube provided, both the unit and tube could be carried in a pocket or bag. Probably not the most discrete vape for outdoor use though. However, the OLED screen is discrete and will not attract attention like some other models that have large bright LED screens. - Vaping experience: I want to be fair and as Ive only used it a few times, I can only comment on my personal experience so far. Being a loyal user of Boundless vapes (CF, CFC and Tera) I may be biased, but I will say that the flavour is very good with the Solo 2. I did a proper burn off prior to trying it, and it didnt have the smoke, smell or taste that you get with other new devices. When you use it, its a pleasant experience, and it definitely does what it is designed to do - I particularly love the unrestricted airflow, which is a problem with some vapes, and is a deal-breaker for me. However, I do have a few less positive notes, bearing in mind it is still early days and with further use, I may change my opinion. First off, the clouds are very wispy or non-existent at the start of the session, and only improve slightly over the duration of the session. Im not getting nearly as big clouds as the reviewers on Youtube that I watched. Secondly, micro dosing with this device is a pain. Apparently, you are supposed to fill the bottom of the glass tube with herb, and then insert it into the device, so that none of the herb enters the metal chamber; however, gravity being what it is, this is not what actually happens. Every time Ive used it, ground herb falls into the metal heating oven, and basically cooks. This means you are really only getting a conduction experience, with very little convection occurring. Being a fan of convection, this is disappointing. Ive tried using he mouthpiece screens supplied with the device to prevent the herb from falling down into the chamber, but the screen falls in there with the herb. So, if you dont pack the tube tightly with enough herb for a serious session, this is an issue. Ive got to say that Im surprised that Arizer havent addressed this, and that none of the many reviews Ive read and watched failed to mention this problem. I can probably design my own screen that can be inserted into the bottom of the tube to prevent fallout, so its not a huge deal, but it is annoying on a device at this price. I would also like to note that the glass mouth pieces get quite hot, and Ive noticed that my throat is a bit uncomfortable by the end of the session, something that hasnt been an issue with any of my Boundless vapes. I also heard that the air path is not fully isolated on the Solo 2, and that the hot air passes over some of the electrical wiring, so there is the possibility of inhaling small amounts of plastic vapour along with your medication - that said, I havent noticed any plastic taste, but it is a concern and seems like something that the Arizer design team should have addressed. Comparison with Boundless Tera: As these two devices are at around the same price point, and since I couldnt find a comparison of the two online, Id like to compare them for you based on my personal experience. As I said, Im slightly biased due to being very accustomed to using Boundless vapes, but to me the Boundless Tera is a superior vape in general, though the Solo 2 does deliver slightly tastier vapour. While both the Tera and Solo 2 have 18650 batteries, the Teras batteries can be removed and swapped, whereas the Solo 2s batteries cannot, without opening up the unit and voiding the warranty. The Tera burns through its batteries surprisingly quickly, while the Solo 2 is a total powerhouse that can keep going for around three hours, compared to one hour with the Tera. I remedied this by buying more powerful 18650 batteries for the Tera, but it still doesnt last as long as the Solo 2. The tera is charged using a micro usb, while the Solo 2 uses an adapter that must be plugged into a socket, which can be a pain if you are travelling. The Tera has a 3 year warranty, but the Solo 2 only has two -year warranty (lifetime warranty on the heating element, and one year on the batteries though). That said, it is now 43 days since Boundless approved a replacement for my faulty Tera, and it still hasnt even been sent for shipping, so Boundless lose major points for after-sales service; I cant comment on Arizers after-sales service ( and I hope I never have to find out). The Tera is more chunky than the Solo 2, but I personally prefer the feel of the Tera in my hand - it is more ergonomic. I also prefer how the Tera functions - its a bit more of a learning curve than the Solo 2 though, but once youve learnt how to use it, its very easy to use. Another gripe about the Solo 2 is the lack of haptic feedback, i.e. no vibration when the unit is ready to use or when it shuts down - not a huge deal though, and I guess it conserves battery power, but it would be a nice touch, and I expect to see it in later models of the Solo 2. Summary: to wrap up this essay of a review: I like the Solo 2, and I dont regret buying it, but if I had a Tera and Solo 2 in front of me, I would use the Tera - it packs a bigger punch, with great tasting thick clouds that I dont get from the solo 2, and by adding a Solo 2 glass mouthpiece to the Tera (a simple modification), the vapour is almost as good tasting as the Solo 2. Vapo-City stock both the Solo 2 and the Tera, and both are at rock-bottom prices, so if like me, you are a sufferer of VAS (Vape Acquisition Syndrome) why not treat yourself this Christmas and buy both - I look forward to reading about your experience.

5 from 5 My new favourite vape

The Arizer Solo 2 retains the awesome vapour quality that Arizer are famous for. It heats up extremely fast. Digital display is making it easy to set precise temperatures. Smaller unit is making Solo 2 more stealthy. And the battery life is exceptional, it works for 3 hours on a full charge. I would definitely recommend buying this vaporizer!

5 from 5 great product, quick delivery !

nice vaporizer, good battery, quick delivery

5 from 5 Amazing value

High quality materials, best battery life, easy to use and clean. Very clean taste and good vapour. Might be the best vape you can buy for that price.

5 from 5 Great Vape

Amazing battery and vapes, a premium product with great features and solid materials.

5 from 5 Hard to beat the value

I am still learning the device but it is good quality, amazing taste, and fun to use! I also have Arizer EQ so I highly recommend Arizer vapes. And thanks to vapo-city for an amazing service, fast shipping, and unbeatable price ;-)

Order Number: SMK-159599-TWN

5 from 5 Great device

Wanted to stop smoking to preserve my health. I did a LOT of vape research before buying this one and it feels like the right choice! Truly super easy to use and vapes through all the herb evenly. Capable of big clouds and tastes great on low temps and not bad even on high temps, wich I use. Consuming a full bowl will take a while tho, so If you want to get ultra ufo high and have a tolerance, you might want to do 2-3 bowls wich takes a while (Remember to drink between hits if you do this a lot). Still 1 bowl on high temp would be enough usually, for a bit atleast. Currently for me 2 bowls rapidly is the sweetspot for blasted effect. Bowl takes like ~0.175g so it makes the most out of your herb even if it takes longer. Finish those bowls on high temp till no more vape shows. The glass stems are cool but so easily knocked over so you gotta be reeeally carefull not to break them. Quality glass, but one of them busted when I dropped it on the bathroom floor. Included stirring tool and carrying gear are a major bonus, also being able to use while charging is essential. My stems fit in a tiny bit tilted, dont know if thats an error or a part of the design but everything works well so far. I know people used solo 2 for years and still love it. You can connect to a water piece easily. Solo 2 has the best price on this site too and delireved straight to my door for free in like a week (Finland) plus zero hassle with the customs. If u tryna be sneaky be warned of the fairly loud beep when first turned on (can be simply changed in settings). I deeply recommend getting this one!

5 from 5 Best portable vape, those reviews didnt lie

Even though its not the most discrete vaporizer in the market, its pretty sleek and stylish. Vape quality is amazing, almost same as bigger home vaporizers. Battery is huge, for a occasional smoker like me - I even forget that I need to charge it. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a top-quality solution.

Also can highly recommend, guys sent me the goods under one week to Lithuania and I got the best price in Europe. Way to go, team!

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