Vapo beginner guide

Vapo beginner guide

If you fill your vaporizer for the first time with your favorite herbs and put it into operation, you will probably be surprised that hardly any visible vapor forms and will be disappointed at first.
Many certainly have the large steam clouds of e-cigarette smokers in mind - but these vapor quantities do not exist with the vaporizer in the form.
This is usually because the vaporizer has some serious differences to normal smoking.
With our no beginners guide, however, even hard smokers will quickly find fun with their new vaporizer.

If there is only a "mild breeze" with some taste on the first pull of the new vaporizer, this does not mean that the vaporizer is defective.
What then usually comes is usually a stronger pulling, because with a cigarette or water pipe this also increases the effect.
But exactly this is wrong with the vaporizer, so let's start at the very beginning.

The shredding

The finer the desired herbs are ground, the better they can be vaporized, as they have a larger surface area.
The vaporizer's herb chamber should never be stuffed too much. It should be filled in such a way that nothing flies around loosely in the chamber when pulling but is still loosely filled. If the herbs are lightly stuffed, the air can come anywhere and release the flavors and active ingredients.

Powdery and pressed extracts (s***f, h**h,..)

For powdery and pressed extracts we recommend vaporizers with removable herbal capsules to protect the vaporizer's herbal chamber from dirt and resin deposits.
Removable herbal capsules have the great advantage that you can put them completely in alcohol or isopropanol for cleaning, which you better not do with a complete vaporizer.
In addition, we recommend heating and kneading powdery extracts such as s***f or very dry Moroccan h**h before vaporizing, so that a " kneady " consistency is obtained.
During warm kneading, the resin glands are crushed, which leads to better vaporization of the resin. Furthermore, fine powder in the Vapo is simply impractical, as it can clog sieves or get down to the throat.

Temperature & Vaporization

Once the herbs are crushed and filled in, the vaporizer is heated to a temperature.
For medical c******s, for example, the initial temperature should be 185-195C.
Once the vaporizer has reached the temperature, you should slowly pull the vaporizer, similar to pulling a cigarette. Pulling too fast ensures that the air does not have enough time to dissolve the oils.
The vapor should be kept deep in the lungs for at least 3 seconds so that its active ingredients can be absorbed.
The effect of the herbs should be felt within 5-15 minutes.
Compared to classical smoking, the effect is rather slow, but should not be underestimated.

Irritation of the throat

Especially patients who have smoked c******s so far and change to vaporizing often wonder about a coughing irritation.
How does that fit with the irritation of the throat?
A vaporizer is supposed to be much gentler many people may think in this situation.
Quite simply: since no more nicotine is inhaled, the lungs are no longer anaesthetised and are defending themselves against the vapor. Coughing tries to cleanse the lungs.
After all, the lung is intended purely for breathing and not necessarily for inhalation.
The irritation of the cough is a matter of getting used to and disappears relatively quickly, also because the lungs feel better over time when vaporizing than when smoking regularly.


The use of Medicinal C******s should always follow medical instructions, especially with regard to dosage.

This manual is only for use with herbs or c******s blossoms recommended / prescribed by your doctor.
Illegal substances can sometimes cause strong psychoactive effects and damage health.

Our vaporizers are not intended for use with illegal substances. If you intend to use a device with illegal substances, we must ask you to cancel the purchase.